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5 reasons you "should" have a dream

So now we'll turn the tables on all this "Do I have a dream?" stuff and talk about having a dream and what that means in your life.

I'm definitely a product of the musicals in the 60/70s. I would belt out "The Impossible Dream" from Man of LaMancha. I would walk down the street (you could do that then) and sing “Climb Every Mountain" from The Sound of Music. These songs became I'm sure part of my DNA for dreaming and not just dreaming small.

Your HEART DREAMS should be HUGE!! Bigger than life.

So here are 5 reasons it's been important for me to have a dream.

#5. It moves me off of dead center. I always see that there is one more something to be done, one more blog to write, speech to prepare, client to chat with, one more something bigger than me to be done.

#4. It gets me out of bed. Having a dream allows me to create action steps to reach it. Getting out of bed helps.

#3. It's a toy to play with. I've always enjoyed creating things. I'm a big-time Tinkerer. I like to try one thing and see what would happen. My dreams always let me play a little. #2. Dreams are full of importance to me. I dreamt of my librarian career, my degrees, my children. Life is a daring adventure and I'm not done yet! Dreams get me in my gut and pulls me forward.

#1. Dreams make a difference. They add a glint to my eye, a sparkle to my smile, a kick to my step. Dreams are bigger than I am...huger than I ever imagined.

And isn't that why we all need dreams. Something bigger than ourselves to strive for every single day. Especially now....

What's your bigger than life dream? How does a dream help your life?

Hugs. Be Safe. You Matter.

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