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A Cup of Fear in Every Recipe

Have you cooked up anything during this pandemic? Tried any new recipes or ways of doing things these last 269 days?

I've had the privilege of working with a group of women that have been cooking up their dream recipes big time this pandemic 2020.

Lisa Koenecke wrote her book How to be an Inclusion Ally and has saved lives through her work with the LGBTQ community. She was afraid of putting it out there--the what if fears.

Cheryl Porior-Mayhew faced her fears of acknowledging the difficulties of her past as she wrote her book Facing Life Challenges--the oh I can't fears.

Now Paula Wick has designed a training product for diversity called the Answer Dance working with essential life questions such as "Am I Safe?" "Am I loved?" She faced her fears and now has a Kiva loan funded--I don't think it will work fears.

Each dream takes courage. Having the dream takes courage. Writing, working towards the goal takes courage.

Have you had a dream like that?. You work and work and the college degree happens even if you're in your 40s. You work and work and get that new position in your company. You work and you work and you start your own company.

The ingredient of FEAR is the ingredient that usually waylays everyone. If you don't acknowledge it's importance in your dream recipe, you'll fail. You'll decide to back away. You'll decide it wasn't worth it. You decide you just can't do it.

I encourage you today to get a big old measuring cup out of your cabinet and fill it with lots of pieces of paper with every one of your fears listed on it. Cram all those fear sheets in there. Then mix the cup of fear into your dream.

You know what will happen....your dream!

How has fear kept you from your dream? How has it brought your dream to completion? What's your HEART DREAM recipe?

Hugs. Be Safe. You Matter Mary Helen

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