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A Regal Find - I walked into a dream yesterday

During this pandemic, folks aren't out and about much, but yesterday I was fortunate enough to walk into a HEART DREAM space.

Opening the door to The Regal Find I could almost remember when life was normal, and browsing a store was possible.

For those of you not close to Middleton Wisconsin The Regal Find is one of those amazing little stores that curate the dreams of so many artists.

Over 130 artisans are represented at the store, 90 of them from Wisconsin. On the walls, I saw the spectacular owl paintings of Lindsey Salzwedel-I love her calendars. I purchased some Sunflower Breeze Shea Butter from the 10th Avenue Soap Works and a card "I Love Us" from Zeichen Press.

Jessica Regele has created a space for dreamers. Jewelers, painters, crafters, whimsy makers, and also authors are given space to make their dreams come true in Jessica's labor of love.

Owning a store, her HEART DREAM, right now is not easy. Surviving a town's construction zone and now a pandemic is certainly trying for anyone's ability to hold onto a dream.

I walked in to celebrate the first book signing for Lisa Koenecke. Her "Be an Inclusion Ally" proudly shows the #1 Best Seller Sticker. Behind her plastic mask, her smile was huge. The line grew and the eyes of folks peeking over their masks sparkled.

Dreams were seen....we could enjoy each artist we witnessed in this special place. Please take the time to go visit a local dream curator in your town. During this time holding on to dreams is hard. Make someone's dream continue to flourish.

Let me know about a dream curator you might know. Is there that special shop you go to that holds so many dreams.

Hugs. Be Safe. You Matter.

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