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Be Open

I've been watching the US Open Tennis Tournament. It's amazing that the players have allowed themselves to be put into a bubble with just 3 other people so they could play their game these two weeks.

It's strange to see tennis being played without fans. The stands are empty, and yet the tennis has been amazing. You can see that each of the players has been working hard since January and are ready to play their best.

I've been thinking too about the word "open" and what staying open has meant during these pandemic months.

It's been hard to stay open. Our HEART DREAMS are screaming for us to be open to hearing them. Our HEART DREAMS keep giving us little signals that they're there in our hearts wanting us to be open to them.

We can see we need to be open to those that don't look like us, act like us, believe like us.

We need to be open to each day as it comes, for each day we are challenged.

These 173 days of living in the alternate universe we call normal has provided the potential to go within, to hide, or to be open.

So like the tennis players I'm trying to live in the bubble safely. I've tried to get better at my game. I've tried to hone the skills I need for the days ahead.

I need to stay open.

What about you?

Are you staying open to your HEART DREAMS?

Hugs, Be Safe. You Matter

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