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Can you see it now?

For one of my classes, I was doing research on how high school seniors saw themselves when they were 25. My study group sent each of the 75 members of the Seton Academy's senior class a survey with this question. Seton was an all women's college prep school.

What do you see as an ideal day when you are 25?

Simple question.

It was amazing to read their responses. We heard a lot about being married. We heard about a career choice. But what we really were amazed at were the 12 young women who described their ideal day with such clarity that you could feel it.

Jennifer said, "What a beautiful day. I stretch, do a little yoga and that smell is delicious. My husband put on my favorite vanilla hazelnut coffee on before walking our cocker spaniel and going off to work. I'll be going to the bank today to deposit my royalty check. My newest novel made the bestseller list for the 4th week in a row."

Rashad commented, "I have surgery today. There are four patients that need my help. I'm grateful I became a doctor with a specialty in pediatrics. Having the little ones look at me with their trusting eyes, and then their parent's gratitude after the surgery is more than I thought possible."

Such clarity of purpose. I'll never know what happened to these young women. Whether being able to describe their perfect day in the future made a difference. But, I think it did. I think being able to at least see the future with your artistry--you creating the future--moves you day by day into making your HEART DREAMS real.

What do you think about these girls? What would be an ideal day for you in 5 year?

Hugs. Be Safe. You Matter.

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