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Connect the Dots!

The summer I was about 10 my landlady introduced me to a life long passion....puzzles. I'm sure she wanted me to be quietly amused during an afternoon babysitting, but to this day I'm grateful for her sharing her passion with me.

One of my favorite puzzle types was "Count the Dots". I don't know what book she had but I would get one sheet and go upstairs and move my pencil from 1 to the end creating a picture. I'd color whatever it was and bring it down the next day to get a new sheet. I loved it.

I'm reminded of "Connecting the Dots" in terms of creating my HEART DREAMS. You put the pencil down on 1 and then look around the page for 2 and search for 3 and so on and so on. The picture becomes clearer with each search for the next number.

Dreams are like that too. Just pick a point in time, maybe it's today and start. Find #1, look around to see where to go next.

I have two friends that are currently writing books. My friend Lisa Koenecke made her dream of #1 Kindle bestseller come true on June 10th. Her book signing is this weekend.

For each of these "authors" began with #1. I want to write a book, they looked and decided on #2. what to write about, looked some more #3 a working title, #4 chapters.

What I was reminded about today is that it's all about starting at #1. The starting point. Connect a Dot puzzles don't have a time frame to them. I never knew what the picture was going to be, all I had to do was have my pencil find #1.

What would be #1 for you today? What could you start right now that might make an amazing picture for you when you connected all the dots? Please share. Do you like puzzles too?

Hugs, Be Safe, You Matter.

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