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Do you have a dream magnet?

For those of you that have had dreams, have you ever said, I didn't even know I wanted that...but my dream came true.

The MRI devices hospitals use create a low-level magnetic field which causes a specific reaction inside the atoms of the body. The atoms inside each type of tissue in the body react in different ways. (

Sometimes I think that happens with our dreams too. We find a magnet, a circumstance, an idea, a person who charges us up with the energy we need to go for a dream. It's like all the atoms in our body react and say yes let's try that.

I think HEART DREAMS are particularly sensitive to finding the magnetic energy around us. It pulls the dream towards us even when we're not thinking about it.

This happened to my friend Janette Jordee. She looked around at all the negative energy in our world today. She listened to the news. She saw the violence and said "no more".

She decided to release into the world positive energy in the form of interviews called Global Inspiration. She surrounded herself with the positive energy to do her small part in getting the negative energy neutralized.

She didn't know that in July 2020 she'd be doing interviews with folks across the globe to provide Global Inspiration. But like a magnet her dream found her. What Janette did was say YES to her HEART DREAM.

Her first one went live last Friday. Please subscribe and like. Share your positive energy with her.

I was interviewed by her yesterday. Just the energy of her home, partner, son and mother cheering her on in this endeavor makes sharing the positive doable. I'll let you know the actual date of my interview....coming soon!

So are you feeling a magnetic pull to do something right now?

Is there a HEART DREAM you need to give energy to?

Hugs. Be Safe. You Matter

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