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Don't Waste Your Sand

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

I've had 2,162,059,200 seconds of sand go through my hourglass since I was born. ( I know that I don't have that many grains of sand till the bottom of my hourglass is full.

One of the cool things about having this Creation Time/Reflection Time with the virus is looking at how to spend those precious grains of sand I do have ahead of me.

I was talking to a good friend I haven't seen in a while and we talked about just this thing. How do we use the sand remaining to make a difference? She immediately blurted out "Don't Waste Your Sand!" I love that phrase. It tells me to honor the sand I have left creating love and inspiration to myself and others as we fight off this illness in our world.

When I taught time management classes the handout I used showed how we spend our time--here are some great ones to ponder: (this is based on 78 years life expectancy)

  • We sleep for 25 years

  • We work 10.3 years

  • We diet for 17 years

  • We watch TV 9.1 years spending 2.2 watching commercials

  • We spend 45 days having sex

  • We spend 1.5 years in the bathroom

  • We drink 12,000 cups of coffee (unless you're me)

  • We spend 14 days kissing

I don't know about you, but I want to give more time to doing my HEART DREAMS than many of these items. Only 14 days of, need to spike that one up.

However, it didn't give information about how many years we spend

  • Holding someone's hand

  • Cradling a baby

  • Talking to a dear friend

  • Chasing rainbows

  • Crying out of joy or sorrow

  • Being happy

My friend told me Don't Waste My Sand, I told her life is a daring adventure and I'm not done yet, and if I'm not dead I'm not done.

What would you tell your friend these days?

Hugs, Be Safe. You Matter.

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