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Dress Up Your Dream

So what costume is your HEART DREAM wearing today?

Our dreams are rather ethereal, they are sometimes like floating clouds over our heads. They seem to bounce around in space and time.

And what if we dressed them up?

Would your dream of getting a new job put you in a suit? Would your dream of RVing around the country have you wearing an adventuring hat? What about learning the piano, I could see you in a tux. A writer with a quill pen.

Just having these costumes around the house might inspire you.

Playing with our dreams is a lot like when we were young and played with dolls or stuffed animals. We'd try on different costumes and pretend. We'd give our toys adventures to go on.

That's something we can do with our HEART DREAMS too. We can try them on for size. We can envision them in the costume of our choosing.

Dreams encourage us to work and work hard to making them real, but dreams also encourage us to play. To see how life might be a little different, a little better, a little more fun.

How would you dress your HEART DREAM today?

Hugs, Be Safe. You Matter.

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