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Give into the Joy!

One of my favorite Mary Oliver quotes is, "If you suddenly and unexpectedly feel joy, don’t hesitate. Give in to it. I felt that joy today when my son sent me a beautiful holiday wreath for the door. I felt it in talking with a good friend about her new dreams for 2021. I felt it as I watched the sunset taking shape over the water. Joy! What a feeling that's been missing these 263 days. I know I've had twinges of it as the weeks flew by, but I think I'm ready to open up to the real thing. I'm ready to choose JOY! I'm ready to HEART DREAM with others again. The calendar shows it's December 1st. We're heading toward a multitude of holidays to be celebrated around the world. We're heading toward the lighting of candles, the lighting of holiday lights, the lighting of each of our hearts again. We have been in a lot of darkness for awhile and we're ready. I think that's what the month of December shows us. That even when it's soooo soooo dark at 4:30pm, we know the light is coming. Are you finding light these days? Are you wrapped in darkness? Are you ready for joy? Hope you'll let me know...for in your telling I find joy. Hugs, Be Safe. You Matter Mary Helen

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