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Have you lost your marbles?

Life seems to have gotten hard this year. Sure we had a pandemic and an election and work was different and kids were around so what's our excuse for stopping our ability to play?

I love December. Not the darkness of the month but the fun and excitement of the month.

I've been thinking about playing again. Retrieving my marbles as it were. Remembering all those games that I liked growing up; Candy Land, Life, and Monopoly. Giving my boys Legos (I think for me more than them), I just might get me a set this year. Getting hooked into their video games.

So I'm into getting my marbles in order. Setting aside time to play. Play can be defined as "Engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose."

So as we move into this month I'm going to:

* Watch those great old movies with popcorn-Miracle on 34th, It's a wonderful life, Home Alone

*String some popcorn for our very tiny tree this year (don't need the 16-footer)

*Singing out loud my favorite carols

*Find a new clicky game on my kindle and do it. I'm looking at June's Journey as one.

I want to play. I want this month to include all kinds of things to engage in enjoyment. What about you?

Are you ready to lose your marbles or are you ready to play with them? I'd love to hear how you're thinking of playing this December.

Hugs. Be Safe. You Matter

Mary Helen

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