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I never thought....

From across the street the words "I never thought" floated over to my seat on the outside bench.

Oh, how many times have I heard someone say that these days. How many times have I said it.

I never thought - we would be safe at home for 120 days.

I never thought I wouldn't see my "in town" son since Christmas I never thought that I'd be this creative I never thought that I would want to just browse in a book store and not be able to do it I never thought that we would see so much pain, anger, depression and loss

I thought life would be the same old same old I thought that we would learn important lessons through all this safety I thought that we would value people, hugs, life more I thought that there would be an end to rising numbers I wonder what I'll be thinking in 120 days from now (November 11th)

What are you thinking?

Hugs. Be Safe. You Matter

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