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"It's silly but I believe"

I was walking around the house today saying the quote, "I believe...I's silly but I believe." It's from the Miracle on 34th Street. Susan Walker the little girl in the movie is saying it over and over again when her holiday wish isn't under the tree.

But, she still has hope and therefore the quote.

As I think about my HEART DREAMS and especially working with my clients to achieve theirs, this thinking something is silly really hits a core.

  • It's silly to want to give talks to groups during a pandemic.

  • It's silly to want to write a book.

  • It's silly to want to look for a new home.

  • It's silly to want a new job.

My clients tell me their "it's silly stories" all the time. And then we infuse just a touch of hope to the conversation.

Ok, I say, it's silly. What if we only took one step towards the HEART DREAM, what would you do?

I'd email some speaking I've done in the past and see what they're doing now. I'd come up with a title for my new book. I'd go to Zillow and look for a new home. I'd let my friends know I'm looking for a new job.

Just one little, itty bitty step. A little "silly" glimmer of hope can make all the difference in the world.

I had a friend email me today. She said, (and I love this) "I have an itch to publish". Isn't that cool! We're going to chat next week to see how we can scratch that itch together.

Another friend emailed me and said, "It's getting more real by the minute. It's quite spectacular to witness how help comes in droves once a decision is made."

So when you're walking around the house today saying, "It's silly" do you add the words, "but I believe". Try it! Your HEART DREAMS will love it.

What is your silly dream right now? What one step could you take today so you could believe?

Hugs. Be Safe. You Matter.

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