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Moonlight Madness

Stepping outside last night into the clear clear night was briskly beautiful. The temperature was 33 degrees, but I felt like I was warmer than that.

The moon was still full, at least from my 238,900 mi away. Native Americans call it the Beaver Moon so that the mammals could easily build their winter nest.

The Hawaiians have a name for each day the moon looks full. Last night would have been called Māhealani, the last night of the four Hawaiian full moons and was good for all types of work, planting, and fishing.

The naming wasn't important last night, but the moon's beauty was. The light in the sky reminded me that just like the moon there are phases for me each month. Some phases are productive, some are emotional, some are headstrong, some are gentle. Each night watching the moon waxing and waning I'm reminded that I'm going through my phases and changing, but regardless of my phase I still have light within. Regardless of the phase, there still is light to shine.

So today I was thinking of the need to continue the phases of working with my dreams and those dreams of my clients. I'm remembering that by shining our light into those places that appear dark, like the sky last night, we see a whole galaxy of potential. So I, like the Native Americans and Hawaiian will honor the fourth full moon and plant seeds of beginnings as we seek the light amid the night's winter darkness.

Are you affected by the light of the moon? What potential could you shine a light on this month so that your HEART DREAMS might glow on December 29th, the next full moon?

Hugs, Be Safe. You Matter. Mary Helen

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