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No More Buts

Words certainly make a difference in our pursuit of our HEART DREAMS, don't they?

I've been trying to really watch my butting all over the place.

I'd love to do that BUT I'm busy. I used to do that BUT I don't anymore.

Ok, so let's do the linguistic dance and convert those buts to ands.

I'd love to do that AND let's see when we can schedule that in. I used to do that AND I haven't thought of it in years.

Words. They can make or break a HEART DREAM.

I had the same angst at words with always hearing guys, ok guys are you ready to order the server would boys would cringe when I'd say, I'm not one of those (guys) so let's change the greeting to folks, friends, just change was like chalk on a chalkboard.

Same with word BUT...I know as soon as I hear it an excuse will be coming full force at me.

I want to write, diet, read more, learn yoga, skydive, knit, and then it comes the biggest BUT ever.......the biggest BUT ending excuse ever.

AND here's the catch...if you catch yourself doing it (the but) and changing it to (and) your brain will begin to see something as possible. Yes, just changing out one little tiny three-letter word for another one, the world will open up.

I want to skydive AND maybe I'll go see someone do it. I want to knit AND my sister can tell me how to start.

AND I can start right now. Possible!

Do you find you use the word "but" a lot? and lean into the possibility of the AND. Do you find you use the word "but" alot?

How does the word "and" feel to you?

Hugs, Be Safe. You Matter.

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