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Permission Slip

So perhaps you've got a dream. A great dream. A dream you can walk into and feel awesome just playing with it.

So what do you need to get started?

Many people seem to wait until the DREAM is all pretty and neat. Many people wait until they know it can happen (tomorrow). Many people wait until they're convinced it's a perfect dream.

What I've learned about DREAMS is that they are usually covered with dust. They have been floating around in my brain, collected a lot of cobwebs. They've attracted the "I can'ts", "no ways" or "you've got to be kiddings" and they almost get lost in my brain.

Maybe today you need a permission slip. One you can write out and post on your refrigerator. Remember how permission slips usually were thought of as legal documents. You couldn't go to that zoo or museum without one.

What would you give yourself permission to do today to get closer to your dream?

Just doing it will be like using a big duster getting rid of the cobwebs and letting YOUR HEART DREAM.

Let me know what you're permission slip might say.

Hugs. Be Safe. You Matter.

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