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Pressing the Button

Facebook reminded me that four years ago I was on deadline to press the button and send the manuscript off for my "Amazing IttyBitty Retirement Book; 15 tips for the nearly and newly retired." ( I was donned in my Escape Adulthood red cape to give me courage. I had promised myself I wouldn't go to bed until the button was pushed with the attached pages of the book. Have you ever had a HEART DREAM that you decided is worth everything to get it accomplished? In publishing the book I was scared. I was putting my thoughts and ideas out into the world. I was scared that I would sabotage myself and not complete the contract date of August 15. I was scared that no one would ever read the darn thing. And, I pressed the button anyhow! Our fears put up so many roadblocks for us accomplishing our HEART DREAMS. The imaginary goblins make us believe we're just not good enough, or talented enough or worthy of making a dream come true. So for anyone feeling the same way, let me shout from the rafters, I did press the button on time and folks have read the book. My dream of using my words and insights have helped many that I've heard from. You too can do that by taking the first plunge and deciding your HEART DREAM is worthy of pushing the button. In fact, push the send button on your comment below and let me hear what your dream is today. Hugs, Be Safe. You Matter

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