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So, is it time now for your Heart Dreams?

Today marks 140 days since we were asked to stay safe at home. Wow!

Many of us went into shock as the world we knew completely turned on its head. Work was home. School was home. Friends and others were not home. Isolation became the norm.

I'm feeling a little like it's New Year's Eve as we begin August. Kind of like looking at your new year's resolution list and seeing what you've stuck with.

My partner and I in the early days wrote a "Pandemic To-Do" list. It included such things as

Wash down the front of the kitchen cabinets Change the burnt-out light in the vaulted ceiling Clean the pantry Clean the junk drawer Donations to St. Vinnies

You get the picture. We had a big list - 25 things to be exact. We've accomplished 13.

But I look around other areas of my life and I have made a pandemic difference. I was excited to help Lisa Koenecke get her Be an Inclusion Ally book to a #1 bestseller. ( She has sold 767 books!

I've written blogs since April 1st. I've gotten to give some Zoom talks. I've interviewed with Janette Jordee as she's given birth to her dream, Global Inspiration.

My friend Kim has dieted and walked off 60 pounds during this time.

My friend Cheryl Porior-Mayhew has written 20 chapters of her upcoming book "Facing Life Challenges".

So is it time for YOU to work on your HEART DREAM?

We keep thinking this will all be over soon and life will be normal. We've had 140 days of our new normal. What will the next 140 days mean for you? That will be December 21, 2020. What HEART DREAM will you put under a holiday tree just for you?

What dream might you start today?

Want help with your dream, let me know. It's what I do.

Hugs, Be Safe. You Matter

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