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The Empathy of Heart Dreams

Today is International Humanitarian Day, a day to remember all those who have aided another.

We've seen these folks the last 5 months, the essential workers who have staffed our hospitals and stayed on the meatpacking lines, the firefighters, the postal workers. The women and men who have made it possible to continue on in our lives.

This week a keynote address brought out a word to celebrate these folks.


I've been giving the word empathy a lot of thought since Monday night. How does empathy support our HEART DREAMS?

A study of just such a connection was published last year (2019) ( They found "that the trait empathy is significantly correlated with the frequency of telling dreams to others, frequency of listening to others’ dreams, and positive attitude toward dreaming."

I firmly believe that we each have a HEART DREAM. At times we stop and we look for it, at times we put the dream away, at times we polish it up and work to make it real.

Empathy helps us accomplish those dreams. Telling just one person that you have a HEART DREAM is great. Telling two people is awesome. Imagine telling 10, or as folks do on Facebook hundreds.

My pandemic purpose has been to encourage empathetic dreaming. Letting someone say, "I dream" and holding their hand, patting their back and saying, "let's go find it".

  • What if you told your dream right now? What might happen?

  • What if you shared your dream with just one person today?

  • What if you asked someone what their dream is?

Let me know what happens!

Hugs, Be Safe. You Matter.

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