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The magic of a cup

Have you had your favorite cup today?

My friends know that I began my business 6 years ago with a business plan called, "50 cups of coffee".

I had no idea at that time how each cup of coffee would change my life. At each coffee shop, I'd sit across from someone new and ask, "What's

your dream?" And then I'd listen to how they had found those defining moments which built their lives.

At this point, I've had 352 cups of coffee with folks. Yup, a lot of coffee that is and a lot of wonderful stories behind each cup.

Having coffee during this pandemic is easy, isn't it? We can meet folks from around the globe and just spend a little time getting to know them. I hope you'll reach out to someone today.

This week alone I've met a brand new author. She might not consider herself that yet. But she has a title and some chapter headings and wanted to know whether to write in active or passive voice and how long her book should be.

I talked with a woman in Germany that used to live in Madison and heard how she made the transition into corporate training in a little town outside Berlin.

I chatted with a woman who thinks she'd like to set up a way to sell her greeting cards.

A cup of coffee and a little time...priceless.

What do I get? The absolute inspiration to keep on drinking my cups and writing and finding the next amazing person with a HEART DREAM.

A business plan that started with 50 cups of coffee. Now a lifecoach, inspirational speaker, and book launcher Priceless!

Will you be my next cup of coffee? Would love it!

Hugs, Be Safe. You Matter.

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