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The pandemic produces Facing Life Challenges...twice!

So what did you do during the pandemic?

What if you could answer, "I wrote two books." That's what Cheryl Porior-Mayhew can say. Ok, she'd also give you the biggest smile. She'd also say, "I can't believe it yet"....and yet, she is the author of two 2020 books, one of which became a Kindle Best Seller. ******** On June 11, 2020, I had another one of those infamous cups of coffee. I knew Cheryl from meeting her at a WWE Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs Southcentral meeting back in 2019. She had bought my Itty Bitty Retirement book

. Cheryl was looking forward to retiring someday and wanted to chat about making an action plan for a good retirement. On her bucket list of retirement goals was "Write a Book". She was curious about my book and wondered what steps were involved. We began working together on June 29th. She had nothing.

We talked about using the alphabet as Lisa Koenecke had in preparing her book. So, Cheryl started with A. A is for Altar, B is for Beads....

Cheryl's book, Facing Life Challenges: The ABCs of One Woman's Journey to Healing Her Heart was finished on October 15th, edited, and then published on October 31. In 124 days her book was finished.

On November 15th she held her launch party to celebrate her husband's birthday. About 30 people joined her to celebrate her accomplishment and during the launch, we could announce she had sold enough copies that day to be a #1 Best Seller. Talk about a big smile, her zoom box was full!

But that wasn't enough for Cheryl, a pandemic was still going on. She said, "I want to do a journaling book." I want it to be pretty, I want it to be unusual. I want people to really love using it."

She went about writing her second book. One month later she published her companion volume: Facing Life Challenges: Your Journal to Healing Your Heart on December 16th. When you're buying the books you can choose black and white or color, have to say the color ones are gorgeous.

****** So here we are on January 8, 2021, and I'm on my own journey of helping others publish their dreams by writing my book about writing books; Your Heart Dreams: Authoring your life in 26 ways. What you've been reading this last week makes a great introduction doesn't it?

I'm hoping it will be a book of inspiration on how to author the dreams in your heart. How you can be the author of your life.

So would you like to write a book?

Are you curious about how to start?

Hugs. Be Safe. You Matter. Mary Helen

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