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The words of your HEART DREAMS

It's been so great talking to folks about their HEART DREAMS.

Samantha asked me what makes a dream different from a vision different than my purpose.

Great question!

Georgia said, I have a purpose, I want to help people, but I don't have a dream. Should I? Great question!

Diane asked I'm doing fine without a dream. Do I really need one? Again, great question!

First of all, having the question at all really helps your HEART to DREAM. Wondering what it is that makes you special in the world. What makes you get up in the morning. What gives your life energy.

These three words of Dream, Vision, and Purpose, can do that! And they are not the same.

My DREAM of speaking is sharing the message of "Life is a Daring Adventure and you're not done yet! You Matter!

My VISION is of speaking in front of a 2000 seat group speaking on this topic. I can see myself doing it. I feel the crowd's energy. I am living it.

My PURPOSE is to inspire, to motivate, to infuse you so you believe that you are the most amazing gift to this planet and that Life is a Daring Adventure and regardless of a pandemic, or age or health, you are not done yet! Your heart still dreams.

Your purpose is your gift to the world, your vision is your dream on steroids.

So Samantha, Georgia, and Diane I hope I gave you a way to think about your HEART DREAMS...what do you think now?

Do you have a dream, vision, and purpose? What does your HEART DREAM need to be put in the world?

Hugs. Be Safe. You Matter

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