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Stop Aspirational Blathering - Advice from a columnist

Reading the paper this morning I enjoyed the advice columnist Carolyn Hax talking about picky eaters.( But, the real kicker for me in the article was that she told the wife to chalk up his comments to "


What a great phrase. I can still hear my mother say, 'stop all your blathering and get to work." I haven't heard that word in ages.

Looking up the word blathering I found it means, "the action of talking long-windedly without making very much sense."

Sometimes that's what our HEART DREAMS are like, long-winded things we talk about, and talk about and talk about without making much sense.

I want to lose 50 pounds. I want to go to Italy. I want to make a million dollars....lots of blathering. The reason these make great examples of aspirational blathering is that all we do is talk about them and we don't do the work.

Mom had it right we have to stop all the blathering and decide to do something to get our HEART DREAMS.

I need to walk one block each day. I need to find a map of Italy and plan out the trip. I need to make $10 and then $10 more. I need to stop blathering and move my aspiration into a real HEART DREAM I can make real.

I love helping people move from blathering and aspiration into the hard work of making their dreams come true. What a thrill that is. It's what I love doing.

What are you constantly aspirationally blathering about? Are you figuring out how to stop it and do the work?

Hugs, Be Safe. You Matter

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