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Watching the R-factor of Dreams

One of the numbers that the scientists are watching during the pandemic is what's called the R factor. If you haven't heard of this here's what happens:

  • The R number is a key factor in gauging the coronavirus pandemic.

  • It refers to the 'effective reproduction number' of COVID-19.

  • An R-value of 1 is a crucial threshold.

Here's how that works. Say a disease has an R of 1.5. This may seem like a manageable figure, but a glance at the figures quickly proves that isn't the case. An R of 1.5 would see 100 people infect 150, who would, in turn, infect 225, who would infect 338.(

So this number helps me know that if I get the disease I will infect 1.5 friends, neighbors and relatives.

But, I'm a dreamer talking about HEART DREAMS why do I bring this up.

Our dreams need an R factor too. 1 can be the critical number.

If you tell your dream to 1 person, it will spread. Tell your dream to 2 people and it will quadruple. Sharing your dream spreads the wonder of your dream.

We need to share our HEART DREAMS, we need to have them spread like viruses to get them accomplished.

The power of sharing your dream is amazing. It lets others share your passion, gives you new tools to accomplish it, and lights a fire in the world.

Who could you share your dream with today? Have you seen the power of sharing your dream?

Hugs. Be Safe. You Matter

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