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Water Your Dreams with Hope

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

About five years ago my younger son Paul gifted an orchid to our home for mother's day. It was so beautiful, tall, and regal, and then it wasn't.

The directions told us to put 4 ice cubes in the pot once a week and the orchid would return.

The picture on the left is what we started with after it's beauty run.

But every Friday, 4 ice cubes. There were many times I've got to tell you that I thought this was insanity. That plant is dead. It's ugly and stringy and wow, let's throw it out.

So of course I was pondering on the message of the orchid with finding your HEART DREAMS. We've all had some dream of ours come true in our past. We might have finished school, or gotten wed, or had a child or a dream job and then for whatever reason its beauty was gone.

When the beauty of our dreams as we had them is gone we want to just throw them out. We close our heart to learning new things, or loving new people or seeking new adventures.

I got the message from these four beautiful orchids that I need to remember to water my heart dreams with hope that the dreams I have will come true. That if weekly I give my dreams some TLC they will manifest in all that will be perfect for me.

So today having dinner at the table where these lovelies are, I was grateful to all the times I've kept watering these orchids, that I didn't give up on them and throw it out. I won't do that with my dreams either.

What dream might you need to keep watering each week?

Hugs. Be Safe. You Matter

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