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What are you waiting for?

It's the Labor Day Weekend, Sunday in fact. When trying to make plans we thought of going north yesterday, but the Serena Williams tennis match was on, and then looking at the forecast it was supposed to rain all day today, they even predicted hail. So we stayed in town instead. Today I woke up to some dark clouds and some white caps showing on the lake, and then it cleared. There has been no great storm, no hail, maybe later they're saying. I was thinking of how often we do that with our HEART DREAMS, we put them aside till a better time. A time when we have more time. A time when we can figure out what we really want to do. A time when maybe we have more money to invest in our plan. A time when all will be perfect. And like looking at the weather yesterday we just wait. So today my thoughts went to what we don't do because it's not perfect right now. And yet, today has been perfect. It's been perfectly perfect to read my book outside on the deck. It's been perfectly perfect to take a cup of coffee outside for just some quiet time. Perfectly perfect. So maybe we need to do that with our HEART DREAMS too, not wait for the perfect in our head, just go with the perfect in front of us and not wait. So what are you waiting for to start/continue/finish your HEART DREAM? Maybe today is just perfect. What do you think? Hugs. Be Safe. You Matter.

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