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What are your 3 Netflix words for 2021?

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Have you picked your next favorite Netflix binge from the three words they offer you under the picture? Maybe you haven't given them much thought.

I love watching the different shows flip by on the screen with the three words to entice:

Soapy, Campy, Quirky Relaxing, Feel Good, Reality TV Cerebral, Thinker, Drama Witty, Exciting, Suspenseful

All those trios would make an exciting chapter in the new year ahead. And I wondered what my caption would be for 2021 for what I'm sure will be a viral Netflix year.

, Last year I posted that my theme for the year would be Curiosity. Well, that played out in soooo many ways. I was curious about how to not speak in front of groups and yet share my message of inspiration and hope. I was curious how I could help two amazing women publish their books. I was curious about how the Mediterranean diet would play out in our meals. I was curious how to well everything....

So for right now for Season I of 2021, I'm choosing the three words HEARTFELT, SUSPENSEFUL, INSPIRING!

Whatever I do this year it will be measured about those three words....won't that be fun!

I'd love to hear your three words! Because I want to watch your show too.

Hugs. Be safe. You Matter. Mary Helen P.S. Happy New Year!

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