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What are your rules?

I have a good friend that's been doing some pandemic cleaning. You know how much you find when you start doing that.

She came up with a beat-up old fashioned recipe card that she wishes she had dated. On the top of the card, she had written "7 rules for Self". Here's what hers were.

1. Wear extra layers for warmth (you can tell she lives in WI) 2. Eat enough protein daily 3. Always start with coffee and Baileys 4. Double check dates and times 5. Don't overschedule 6. Don't buy more stuff 7. A day without chocolate is a wasted day.

Regardless of how long ago this was written, she still thinks these life rules work for her. I also had found the 12 Rules of Life book by Jordan Peterson. He searches for the rules he lives by.

I think it's our rules that help us to attain our HEART DREAMS.

So I thought of creating my five rules. Maybe I'll write them on a post-it note and hang it on my bathroom mirror. Rules should be seen so they can be heard.

Rule #1. Every person is unique and special and in my life to make me whole. Rule #2. Life is a daring adventure and I'm not done yet! Rule #3. I can create my life. Rule #4. My dreams can come true so I should dream big Rule #5. Sharing my HEART DREAMs allows others to share theirs.

So what about you? Do you have rules? What is your #1 Rule?

Hugs. Be Safe. You Matter.

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