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What keeps you grounded?

Do you have something that helps ground you during the day?

I know that some people carry a special coin in their pocket with a centering word. Some people carry a stone. Some people have a word or a picture as wallpaper on their phones or computers that ground them.

Grounding ourselves, planting our feet on the earth to keep centered is one way to keep pursuing our HEART DREAMS. It's so easy, especially these days to get off-kilter.

We see another chart with numbers, we hear another horror story about a state getting dangerous to visit (especially if we have loved ones there), or maybe it's just that we're tired of trying to figure out the next rule to follow.

One of my friends, Cheryl Porior-Mayhew is writing an amazing book on Facing Life Challenges. Her first recommendation is to create an altar. Now, this can be as formal or informal as you'd like. I'm sure Cheryl has some amazing ideas but I've been thinking about what grounding means to me today.

My religious tradition centered around an altar. It was beautiful, it was marble and it was quite far away from me in the pew. It held many special things on it. It provided a table of the sacred.

Nowadays, I think my bathroom counter has become such a place for me. It is my precious place of peace. It has my family picture that I say hello to every day, it's got my motto "What good can I do today?" and also some jewelry my sons gave me, a special candle I picked up in Hawaii. Some might not consider this an altar, but every morning and night it gives me strength, it centers me, it grounds me. It is sacred to me.

What are you doing to ground yourself? To have something that reminds you to breathe, to have something that reminds you of what is important, that reminds you to dream and continue to have HEART DREAMS regardless of your life challenges.

What might your altar look like? How do you ground yourself?

Hugs. Be Safe. You Matter.

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