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Write Now!

Words, words, and more words.

Writing words is something more than just thinking or reading them. Writing words makes our thoughts permanent and rememberable. Even as I write these words on Facebook I've moved from just having an idea about something to expressing it, and doing that publically.

Have you started writing more often during this "At-home" phase of our lives? I know I have.

I've written 75 blogets as of today. Starting with my Stay Clear through the Chaos thoughts and now through my Your Heart Dreams pages. It's been a way for me to deal with the chaos in our world, but mostly in my head.

I've also been working with brave souls that are writing their own books. My business has shifted from my taking the stage and helping people see that their dreams are possible, to working individually with folks wanting to finally WRITE NOW.

So many different kinds of writing are possible even if you're not writing your HEART DREAM.

I plan on writing my elder son a birthday letter this weekend. He turns 40 next Friday and I'm in shock that's happening, but I want to let him know what he's meant to me each of those 14,600 days we've shared this planet together. It's hard not being able to take him out to dinner and share the big day, but I can write and share my heart. I can move those thoughts in my heart to the page for him to have.

Writing is more permanent, so I hope you'll pick up a pen, or open a new page on your computer and write something today. Write without fear, write out of love.

If you'd like to share your writing or share your thoughts on writing I'd love to hear about it.

If you weren't afraid, what would you write today?

What's the first sentence you'd write.....?

Hugs. Be Safe. You Matter.

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