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Write Now!

Once upon a time.

Aren't those the most magical words? As soon as I hear them I know a story will immerge, a story that might include princesses and little girls in red capes or maybe big bad wolves or ..... and that's the point, we never really know what will follow that phrase, "Once upon a time."

Writing is a process. You need to start with an idea and start dressing up that idea with words. We all know what writing looks like, you're seeing it right now. So why is it so hard?

I've been meeting some wonderful folks who want to write. They want to get out of their head the words that have been trapped inside for so long. They want to leave a memoir for the future. They want others to know the journey they've been on and perhaps save them some of the pain of the travel.

So folks ask me how do I start.

I could be snarky and say take out a piece of paper and grab a pen, but that's not what they're looking for. Fiction writers tend to look at a blank sheet of paper for a while.

Two non-fiction authors I worked with this pandemic year have started with the ABC's. Get down to basics. What's your idea? Can you alphabetize it? Want a book on interior design...A is for alcove or antiques; want a book on skydiving A is for adrenaline.

Is this the only way to write a know the answer, it's not, but maybe it will be a way to actually finish a book.

So once upon a time, I shared a writing tip and someone called to ask me how to really get their book done! Great story!

So what's stopping you? Maybe this could be your 2021 goal? You know next year will be better!

Hugs. Be Safe. You Matter Mary Helen

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