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Your Heart Dreams: Authoring Your Life in 26 Ways

It's New Years Day!

When I was young my mom would lead us out of the house with our pots and pans and wooden spoons, tucking a penny in our fist on the way down the stairs. It was an Irish tradition to ward off the evil spirits of the past year and rejoice in the new, creating a loud sound and always starting the year rich with a coin in the hand. I'm sure our neighbors probably wanted to lock her up.

Now New Year's starts a little more quietly.

This week is always a huge self-reflection time for me. A New Year breathes new life. My birthday is this week as well, so I'm given the gift of looking back and looking forward.

This past year, ok, I'm glad it's over but it really did have an abundance of change and opportunities for growth.

I'm grateful for the roof over my head, the family I love to hug still knows I love them, I'm so in love with my pandemic partner I think we could keep this up. I'm grateful that opportunities to work with clients on books, training tools, and a coaching life filled my days with joy.

Pre-pandemic I wished for newness for something extraordinary. I dreamed of reading a book at 10 am for as long as I wanted. I dreamed of not rushing off in rush hour for a meeting. I dreamed of working on big projects. My pre-pandemic wishes came true.

Now it's 2021. There will be no immediate fairy dust creating what we thought was normal a year ago. I don't even want that. I want a time of thoughtfulness, of caring, of dreaming.

So I'm starting my own post-pandemic journey creating what I'm calling Your Heart Dreams: Authoring Your Life in 26 Ways. It will be my vehicle for sharing all I learned in 2020. I hope you'll enjoy its development, I hope you'll want to join in and see what happens. I'm letting my heart dream.

Life is a Daring Adventure and I'm Not Done Yet!

How about you?

Hugs. Be Safe. You Matter. Mary Helen

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