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Your HOPE is your power

Do you believe in "car radiotherapy"? You know when you turn on the car and the perfect song for that day starts playing. It's like the universe picked that particular piece of music to match your experience or mood at just that minute.

Well, that happens to me a lot. But this week, I had it happen within a commercial. I was riding down a beautiful fall tree road and I'm enjoying the magic of the orange and red mixing with the blue sky.

All of a sudden I heard a message saying, "Your HOPE is your power." Shocked back into reality I thought wow what are they selling.

I heard it wrong they really said, "Your VOTE is your power."

However, believing in "radiotherapy" I recognized that the universe was really speaking to me about HOPE, for me to remember that my hope is my power.

All of our HEART DREAMS start with a glimmer of hope. We see something that might be just a little better than it is right now. We want a better, different, happier, more blessed way to do something. We begin dreaming.

So I continued down the road, and what comes across the radio, but Gloria Gaynor belting out her song, "I will survive!"

Yup radiotherapy works!

Where's your hope these days? What will hope create in your life? What's your radiotherapy story?

Hugs. Be Safe. You Matter.

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